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addiction May 20, 2004

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people who respect themselves are able to set appropriate boundaries that others may not cross.

the consequences for crossing said boundaries have to be acceptable to the person who sets them.

it is not necessary for the consequence to be acceptable to anyone else.

i believe that marriage is for life –

“i promise to be true to you in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. i will love and honor you all the days of my life.”

addiction is a sickness – sickness is covered in the vows.


jambalaya fiesta May 17, 2004

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i wish i was a better cook – i mean, i’m not bad, but i rely quite heavily on boxes and cans and frozen stuff. not that it’s all that terrible – if you like moderately spicy, you have to try THIS:

jambalaya fiesta

1 package Tony Chachere’s jambalaya mix

1/2 lb. ground beef

2 1/4 cups water

1/2 cup cut up cooked chicken

1 10 oz. can mexican style corn

1 can sliced black olives

1 tbsp. lemon juice

in large skillet, brown ground beef, drain excess fat

add jambalaya mix, water, chicken, corn, olives, and lemon juice

bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover, simmer for 25 minutes


went to the ren faire yesterday, and it was nice because it wasn’t nearly as crowded as previous years – we could actually get a seat in the tree bar. oh, the tree bar has a real name, which i didn’t know. still, i like calling it the tree bar. Boy-o did really well – slept all day except to wake up and eat. i was worried about him getting overheated, but he did fine. didn’t buy any souvenirs, coz we are broke as a joke. when we left, we went back to s’s house and bbq’d and had some beers. good times, good times.


it is freakin’ COLD… May 14, 2004

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what’s with this 50 degrees shite in the middle of may? i’m tellin’ you, the next ice age is gonna happen any minute. i can’t wait for that movie, “the day after tomorrow”, to come out memorial day weekend. i luuurve disaster flicks.

as usual, i am 50 years behind everyone else on technology (heh, i think i am what’s called a “late adopter”)- bought a dvd player last night. so now i can finally watch the “depeche mode – one night in paris” dvd that i bought almost 2 years ago. need to return some stuff to target and old navy today so i have money to go to the ren faire this weekend.

i took this idea… May 13, 2004

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…from the blog of someone i used to kinda sorta know on IRC long ago and far away. she was really nice, and i hope she won’t mind my borrowing her idea. since the stated goal of this blog is for me to start thinking again and to get my brain back in shape, i think lists are a great place to start!

my top 10 songs about places, in absolutely no particular order:

1. “omaha”, the counting crows: it’s the heart that matters more.

2. “one night in bangkok”, murray head: pure 80’s cheese.

3. “amarillo by morning”, george strait: regret, anyone?

4. “west end girls”, the pet shop boys: a musical chase scene: “running down underground to a dive bar in a West End town.”

5. “history”, the verve: i’ve never been to london, but i’ve got a great visual of what i will do when i get there…”i wander lonely streets, behind where the old thames does flow…”

6. “back in the u.s.s.r”, the beatles: you don’t know how lucky you are.

7. “king of the road”, randy travis: a traveling man’s (or woman’s) song, and one of my very, very favs – i was DELIGHTED when john stevens chose to sing it on “american idol”. sometimes, i think i would have made a great hobo.

8. “oh canada”, the national anthem of canada: it brings back awesome bittersweet memories of my time there.

9. “heaven or las vegas”, cocteau twins: it’s dreeeaaammmy. and i love the title more than anything.

10. “been around the world”, lisa stansfield: another song with great memories…9th grade and falling in love for the first time.

my googlism highlights May 13, 2004

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my googlism highlights

is a workout model

is hope

is a seaside town

is strengthening and has 40 mph winds

is based on a true story

is also a licensed real estate agent and bar manager

is already at work for God

is scary

is it

is my antidrug

is brilliant

is a cool kid

is disgruntled

is right

is the best

is sporting mall hair

is a gyroscope

is backed up

is a dork

is the winner

is a person who cares about others

is not at fault

is a registered missouri foxtrotter

is the 160th most popular female first name in the united states

is based on a true story

is desperate to provide for her children

is sizzling and the storyline will keep you turning the pages

is all heart

is the industry leader in applying risk and engineering insights to nuclear security issues involving potential terrorist attack

is an inspirational reminder of the human spirit

is also great on her leash

is a true musical chameleon

is sexy

is gonna hook up with her skates again

is able to provide personal psychic readings as well

is a cat who needs a special person to help her through a difficult time

is no “suit” looking for a big win

is trying to put some order back into her life

is not who she appears to be

You are a GRAMMAR GOD! May 13, 2004

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Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

have you seen that commericial… May 13, 2004

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…for the new drug for adult ADD? strattera, or something like that. anyways, it says something about the channels always changing in your mind. well, i’ve often said that if someone could listen to my thoughts, they would sound like multiple conversations happening simultaneously. now, i know i can’t re-create that effect in text, but let’s see if i can write down how many things i’m thinking about all at once, in no particular order:

schedule conflicts with r’s graduation and Boy-o’s baptism class/i hope that lullaby music puts him to sleep coz he’s being cranky/stupid tv commericals they’re annoying/what time is it?/extra, extra/i hate rosie o’donnell – whatever happened to the “queen of nice”?/i’m hungry/i need to organize that bookshelf, it’s driving me insane/should i let the dog out?/hmm, is there enough money for the bbq on baptism weekend/i want to shop for some new picture frames/need a shower/fuss fuss fuss/ack the tv is annoying me, but i feel lonely without it – no one to talk to/should i turn on the AC?


well…? this is kinda disturbing, but… May 12, 2004

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i think i’ve stopped thinking.

no, really – i mean it.

i mean, i used to think about all kinds of things. i used to think about music, mostly – the artists i loved and why, and what their words made me feel. i also thought a lot about faith and religion – what i believed in and why, and that led me of course to thinking about intolerance and cruelty and morality and, and…

i *occasionally* thought about politics, and how truly ugly people get when conversations venture into this area. that served to make me very apathetic on this subject, since i’m not a fan of strong negative emotions (strong postive emotions are nice, though). i never thought about money, except to wonder how i could get some without working too hard for it.

so, now i’ve started reading blogs. and realizing that my mind has been a big, scary blank for a big, scary chunk of time.

so, i’m going to start a new blog. this one is for me, to get back in touch with my – well, with my soul, i guess. i’ll take it little by little, just like a former athlete who needs to get back in the exercise game slowly. i’m not out to impress anyone with how trendy i can be in my blog, or how intellectual. in fact, as time goes on, “the nerd within” will probably be revealed. i just want some of the “wonder” back in my life. more wonder, and less “i did this today…i did that today…i’m a wife and mom…i have a job.” and less complaining. definitely less complaining.


rock on.