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so, the rain began tapering off today… June 30, 2004

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…and the floodwaters have started to recede…almost EVERYONE i talked to on the phone at work today said they had seen our area on the news and wanted to know how we were holding up! however, i’ve been sick and haven’t moved off my couch for the last two days, so i was spared having to be out in the water…

things i (re)discovered while sick:

*daytime TV makes me shudder (except for “little house on the prairie” – man, that laura ingalls is some kind of spunky!)

*large quantities of ibuprofen make you even sicker

*there are better ways to lose 10 lbs. in 2 days than by not being able to hold down any food

*i will never be able to solve my rubik’s cube

*the magic 8 ball doesn’t know jack

*pepto-bismol = evil

well, i’m all better now. i’m looking forward to this weekend – it’s a 3 day for me, being the 4th of july, and we have a pool party to look forward to on saturday (please god, let the rain STOP).

boy is down for the night, and i’m watching erasure videos and playing tetris…

it’s not the way you lead me

by the hand into the bedroom

it’s not the way you leave your clothes

upon the bathroom floor

been thinking about you

i just couldn’t wait to see

fling my arms around you

as we fall in ecstasy

ooh sometimes

the truth is harder

than the pain inside

ooh sometimes

it’s the broken heart

that decides

it’s not the way you caress me

toy with my affection

it’s not my sense of emptiness

you fill with your desire

climb in bed beside me

we can lock the world outside

touch me satisfy me

want your body next to mine

how sexy IS this song??!

no work today – i am so sick. ugh. June 28, 2004

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no work today – i am so sick. ugh.

top 10 bands/artists you liked in high school June 27, 2004

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a rare joint post with my other half.

important to remember when reading this: i was not fortunate enough to discover synthpop until i went to college!

angel’s list

1) the cure (11th grade) – the daughter of one of my mom’s coworkers made a tape of “kiss me kiss me kiss me” for me, and i was never the same ever again.

2) nirvana (11th grade) – god, i spent hours and hours trying to decipher the lyrics of “smells like teen spirit”. now i just look up lyrics on the internet. how weird.

3) guns n’roses (9th grade) – “appetite for destruction” is one of the best albums ever. i would play “anything goes” turned all the way up to 12 and scream the lyrics out when my parents weren’t home.

4) motley crue (10th grade) – “dr. feelgood” was pretty raunchy by my conservative christian community’s standards – that’s why i loved it.

5) skid row (9th grade) – damn, sebastian bach was HOT. i had his life sized poster on my wall, tousled blonde locks, leather pants and all. my mom ripped it down when i wouldn’t turn down the music.

6) tesla (11th grade) – the roommate of the first guy i was ever in love with used to sit on his bed and play “love song” on his guitar. that was when i discovered that i liked musicians. i broke up with the guy and dated the roommate. it didn’t work out, but that’s why i have a soft spot for tesla.

7) r.e.m. (9th grade) – i did that silly dance all over my bedroom to “stand”.

8) duran duran (12th grade) – “ordinary world” – “i turn down the lights, the tv, and the radio – still i can’t escape the ghost of you…” – this song helped me heal from my first broken heart.

9) metallica (10th – 11th grade) – i was sent to talk to a counselor because i left a notebook in one of my classes that had the words to “sanitarium” written in the front. 🙂

10) madonna – this was my guilty pleasure that i kept hidden from all my metalhead friends. here’s how it all started: when i had saved up enough of my allowance at age 10 for my very first record purchase, i wanted “like a virgin” so bad – but mom exercised her veto power and told me i could choose between whitney houston and janet jackson. i declined to purchase either, instead opting to buy a package of blank tapes, which i then immediately gave to my friend to record “like a virgin” for me. ok, so this was pre-high school – don’t be such a purist!

husband’s list (of eight):

1) Boston – As strange as it sounds, I originally dug this band out of my father’s record collection because of the great cover art. I put it on the record player and heard the best engineered music ever. It was also made by pure rock n’ roll instruments, no computers!

2) Guns N’ Roses – Well, Axl Rose destroying his vocal chords sounded mighty cool at the time. “Appetite for Destruction” was great, then “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II” were art. Not to mention that “You Could Be Mine” was on the soundtrack to the greatest movie ever, Terminator II………

3) Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” – “Under the Bridge”… listening to Flea torturing his bass…….amazing!

4) Jimi Hendrix – The guitar god. “All Around the Watch Tower”…the guy that made a guitar scream in pain and ecstasy…the guy that played it behind his head……the guy that played a guitar on fire………

5) Metallica – “The Black Album”…a diverse album, from the head thrashing of “Enter Sandman” to the mellow ballad “Nothing Else Matters”.

6) White Lion – “Pride” and “Big Game” were filled with meaningful songs about world peace, social issues, and lost loves.

7) Stryper – piss off, Angel, stop snickering into my shoulder!……that record was cool. Christians in spandex and long hair spreading God’s word were so righteous! Those concert shirts with flames and TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL across the front nearly got us kicked out of Plainview High School.

8) Charlie Daniels Band – “A Decade of Hits” – great record. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” was a great song. Charlie Daniels has embodied the American spirit for the last two decades.

sunday nights are 70’s night at our house. June 27, 2004

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that means whatever is for dinner must have a “cream of” soup as one of the ingredients. i make darn good chicken enchiladas if i do say so myself.

2 cups cooked shredded chicken

3/4 cup chopped onion

1 cup sour cream

1 cup milk

1 small can green chiles

1 can cream of chicken soup

8 oz. shredded monterey jack/cheddar cheese

12 tortillas (whatever kind you like – i’m a corn person myself)

* mix together sour cream, milk, soup, onion, and chiles. add chicken. pour a little of the mixture in the bottom of the baking pan (so the enchiladas don’t stick).

* brush tortillas with vegetable oil. wrap in plastic wrap and microwave for 2 and a half minutes.

* spoon chicken mixture into tortillas, add some cheese, roll up and place in baking pan.

* top enchiladas with whatever sauce and cheese is left. bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

* top with lettuce and tomatoes and pico de gallo. sour cream too, if you’re not health conscious.

greatly enhanced by margaritas as a beverage, although corona with lime will work in a pinch.

June 27, 2004

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it doesn’t take a genius to tell me what i am

or lecture me with poetry, and tell me that i can

i don’t remember what happened yesterday

i don’t give a damn about what all those people say

it takes years to find the nerve to be apart from what you’ve done

to find the truth inside yourself and not depend on anyone

it takes years to find the nerve to be apart from what you’ve done

to find the truth inside yourself and not depend on anyone

it don’t take no houdini to tell me what i am

parasites and literasites they’d burn me if they can

but i don’t give a damn about what those people say

they pick you up and kick you out, they hurt you every day

-New Order

last week i ordered a t-shirt… June 25, 2004

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…from northern sun, and it came in yesterday – am i a dork for being excited? it’s a great shirt – it’s black (what other color IS there for t-shirts?) and says “heretic” across the front in larger letters and “in good company” in smaller letter underneath. it has a little picture of a bunch of different types of people being burned at the stake. and then it has the following names – the “in good company” part:

st. joan of arc. galileo. johannes kepler. meister eckhardt. copernicus. tertullian. martin luther. menno simons. matthew fox. origen. st. zephyrinus. the beguines. john mcneil. hans kung. the franciscans. ivone gbara. hippolytus. peter waldo. arnold of breschia. jesus of nazareth. tissa balasuriya of sri lanka. henry of lausanne. jan hus. jovinian. clementius & everard. gerard segarelli. pierre teilhard de chardin. patrick hamilton. ihm sisters of los angeles. charles curran. joachim of fiore. leonardo boff. john courtney murray. theodoret. ebion. theodore of mopsuestia. lukas of prague. fratres unitores. john scotus erigena. giraude de lavaur. marguerite porete. girodano bruno. bill callahan. the vatican 24. call to action of nebraska.

now my journal is where i’m supposed to be truthful, so i’m not going to play phony pseudo-intellectual and pretend that i know who every single one of these people are (i know the big ones like galileo, meister eckhardt, hans kung, martin luther, kepler, copernicus, etc. and the newsworthy ones like call to action, the vatican 24, and the ihm sisters). but having been raised catholic and having done a fair amount of reading, i can see the common thread: individuals whose ideas or teachings resulted in persecution by the institutional Church. the interesting part is that not only are there names of people who were or are being persecuted, but also names who WOULD have fallen victim to the Church’s policies at a later time, jesus himself and the franciscans being the primary examples of that one.

well, i’ve got some fun stuff to research now. it’ll keep me busy on this interminably slow friday…and then i have a three day weekend – yay!

oh wow, am i ever bored. June 24, 2004

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thursdays are not usually this slow around here. i’ve done nothing today, and i do mean nothing. well, besides play around on the local rapid transit site with their trip planner. see, the husband called me this morning and told me they are transferring him to a different office, further away, which puts a serious cramp in our plans to move closer to my parents in september. i know everyone’s looked at the price of gas these days – just like a train wreck, we can’t STOP looking. so i was playing with the site’s trip planner to see how long it would take him to get to the new office using the light rail and the bus, instead of driving. turns out it would be an hour to drive, and an hour and a half to take public transportation. on approximately two tanks of gas a week, that’s $200/month in gas. or we could buy a monthly dart pass for $70/month. hmmmm…

can’t sleep… June 23, 2004

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…and so i leave the comfort of my bed to present to you, in no particular order, my top ten favorite songs about loooooove, in all it’s many incarnations: realized and unrequited, romance, lust, obsession, heartbreak, and psychosis.

1. “cuts you up”, peter murphy – “you pour yourself over me, like the sun through the blinds…”

2. “anything, anything”, dramarama – “i’ll give you diamonds, give you candy, give you pills, i’ll give you anything you want, hundred dollar bills – i’ll even let you watch the shows you want to see, just marry me, marry me, marry me…”

3. “ball and chain”, social distortion – “well it’s been ten years and a thousand tears, and look at the mess i’m in – a broken nose and a broken heart, an empty bottle of gin…”

4. “with whom to dance”, the magnetic fields – “and you, you look like heaven, an angel who stepped from a dream, seven hundred and seventy-seven times lovelier than anything i’ve ever seen…”

5. “somebody”, depeche mode – “though my views may be wrong, they may even be perverted, she’ll hear me out and won’t easily be converted to my way of thinking, in fact she’ll often disagree…”

6. “stripped”, depeche mode – “come with me into the trees, we’ll lay on the grass, let the hours pass – take my hand, come back to the land, where everything’s ours for a few hours…”

7. “cowboy take me away”, dixie chicks – “i wanna sleep on the hard ground in the comfort of your arms, on a pillow of bluebonnets, in a blanket made of stars …”

8. “bigmouth strikes again”, the smiths – “oh … sweetness, sweetness, i was only joking when I said by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed…”

9. “everybody hurts”, r.e.m. – “when the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone, when you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on…”

10. “rain”, tones on tail – “she said, time to crush this feeling, writing very long letters a soon as it rains…ooh the rain…to dance the night away he watches topless pin-up faces, a million different jackpots with a thousand different gazes…”

:attention sugar daddies: June 22, 2004

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take me here, please.

the sun and the rainfall June 21, 2004

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when i left work today, i walked outside into my most favoritest weather in the whole wide world – sunny skies with the rain falling. i gave a little scream of delight and then ran straight to my car where i promptly inserted into the cd player depeche mode’s “a broken frame”, track 11 – a lovely and often overlooked gem known as “the sun and the rainfall”. i spun in circles next to my car, singing and laughing. when i got on the highway, i opened my window and stuck my arm out to feel the rain on my hand, until i realized i was causing a minor traffic disturbance to some other cars that thought i was using manual turn signals!

someone will call

something will fall

and smash on the floor

without reading the text

know what comes next

seen it before

and it’s painful

things must change

we must rearrange them

or we’ll have to estrange them

all that i’m saying

a game’s not worth playing

over and over again

you’re the one i like best

you retain my interest

you’re the only one

if it wasn’t for you

don’t know what i’d do

unpredictable like the sun

and the rainfall