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i overslept this morning… September 30, 2004

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…waking up at 6 am – 15 minutes after i was actually supposed to leave for work. on the literal bright side, i got to do something i never get to do, which is watch the sunrise as i drove to work. i got to watch the good part, too – the sky turning from dark blue to gray, and seeing fingers of pink and orange and purple stretch slowly across the horizon. it was amazing. i probably haven’t made an actual point of watching a sunrise since i worked the graveyard shift a few years ago. the sun was always coming up as i left work, and i would stand out back on the loading dock with my cigarette and just watch it before i headed off to class for the day.


now playing on my launchcast September 24, 2004

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ministry’s “everyday is halloween”, one of my favorite anthems from my early 20’s.

why can’t i live a life for me, why should i take the abuse that’s served, why can’t they see they’re just like me, i’m not the one that’s so absurd!

transporting me straight back to my goth phase – the days of my pet burmese python, lethos, and black magic markering random poetry all over my bedroom walls and donating plasma so i could buy concert tickets. not many remnants of those days remain. i retain a fondness for black clothes, although these days i’m looking for conservative skirts and shoes for work, instead of feather boas and patterned stockings for the club. i still have christmas lights threaded through the wrought iron headboard of my bed, but i took down the bauhaus and cure posters and the strobe lights. i was cleaning out my makeup bag the other day and i pulled out my old liquid black eyeliner – it had turned all crusty and i couldn’t get the cap off. sheesh – i used to go through a tube of that stuff every two WEEKS.

“eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” is coming out on dvd and i can’t wait!

ah, i feel like a real… September 23, 2004

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…honest-to-goodness human being again! now usually, a statement of this type indicates that someone has just taken a shower after hard physical labor, or they’ve eaten a filling meal, but i’ve done neither of those things. well, not since this morning anyway. no, i feel like a human being because two long, long weeks after we officially moved, i FINALLY have cable internet again (it took that freaking long to get a technician out here)! so pish posh on the technophobic notion that the internet would eventually lead to a progressively more isolated society. in two weeks i’ve talked to no one except my husband, neighbors, and coworkers. lovely people all, and i do mean that from the bottom of my heart. but i missed all my instant messenger and message board friends, people who faces i’ve never seen and may never see for that matter, but who are no less “real” to me than the guy who waved to me while walking his dog down our street last night (my neighbors wave – even though they don’t know me – amazing!). have i mentioned how happy i am to be out of our apartment? 🙂

concert September 16, 2004

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should my october concert dollars go for morrissey on the 29th or for the pixies on the 19th?

it’s been forever since i posted… September 13, 2004

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…but nothing exciting has happened, so that’s ok. we finally finished moving and unpacking, and the new house is wonderful. the neighborhood is so quiet. you never realize how much noise is associated with apartment living until you get out! just the simple sounds of people walking by your window – gone! and the best part – not having to walk the dog. yessssss! the commute is a complete bitch – 45 minutes in the morning and and hour and a half in the afternoon, but that’s the only negative. i can deal with it until something else closer by comes through. and it will. oh yes indeed, it will – i have faith.

i’ll try and write more later, but right now i have some serious blog-reading to catch up on. what a fantastic time waster!

strangelove…strange highs and strange lows September 1, 2004

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as i was getting onto the highway today on my way to work, i noticed a gigantic blue tarp hanging from the side of the on ramp. on it was spray painted “i love ana”.

see, not all graffiti artists are vandals.


a few days ago, our HR manager went to my direct manager, mark, about the printout of my blog entry that wound up in her box. so, today he finally decided to address the elephant in the room, i.e. the “so, are you looking for another job or not?” issue. he asked me to tell him what i wanted. i put on my “confident and competent” hat, and i was very straightforward and extremely direct:

me: “mark, i love working for this hotel, and i love the people i work with, however, i believe i have maxed out my potential in my current role. being a glorified paperwork monkey is no longer making me happy. in the last year, i have grown in both confidence and technical ability, and i understand what it means to build relationships with accounts and to implement growth strategies. i have taken on many tasks outside the scope of my “job description”, and i have proven that i am passionate about this business. i am interested in moving into a position where i can more directly affect the growth of our average daily rate and our revenue per available room. i believe i can best do that by moving into one of the current open positions in the sales department. i have never made any secret of my desire to advance my career with this company, but if i cannot, then i owe it to you to let you know that i am indeed looking elsewhere.”

mark: “angel, i agree with you. if you want to pursue a promotion, then i back you 150%, because as much as i would hate to lose you in this department, i think you would be an excellent fit for a sales position, and then we can keep you within the organization. talk to HR about it tomorrow, and when our new director of sales starts next week, we can pursue it with her as well.”

me: “ummm…thanks. wow. i didn’t think that would really work.”

well, so much for “confident and competent”.


marilyn freakin’ manson re-did depeche mode’s “personal jesus”. i haven’t heard it yet, so i will withhold judgment until i do.