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hysterical rat rant December 30, 2004

Posted by introspectreangel in life, work.
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the following entry is the product of a mind that is slowly but steadily going mad.

i heard this story on the news about a new kind of mite that has come to our state and lives in dead leaves, so in the interest of preventing a weird rash, i am refusing to rake the leaves in my front yard. also, the crunchy sound they make when i walk on them is just too cool. so, i’ve decided i can totally live with the dead leaves.

what i canNOT live with is the rats which have recently taken up residence in our walls. i’m unable to imagine any scenario whatsoever under which the rats and i can coexist peacefully. husband checked out “mrs. frisby and the rats of NIMH” from the library in an effort to convince me that the rats in all actuality have a conscience and truly feel terrible about chewing holes in the hoses for the garbage disposal, the dishwasher, and the washing machine, but i don’t buy it for a minute. two weeks ago, when i first called the landlord about the problem, he sent out his maintenance guy with some traps and some foam stuff to plug up the holes the rats had chewed in the particle board under the kitchen sink. we caught one mouse, and he declared success. two weeks later, after many a sleepless night spent lying in bed listening to the scritching and scratching behind the walls, i called again, and he said he’d get an exterminator out for an estimate. said exterminator gave an estimate of $700 for snaps, traps, and followup and re-baiting for one month. the landlord laughed at the notion of spending $700 for this service, and shows up at our door this morning with – you guessed it – 4 traps. he said he would send out his maintenance guy to fix the hole in the eave that is where they are probably getting in and put some traps in the attic, and that will solve everything. i looked at him skeptically and said, “we’ll see.” what i really wanted to do was go into immediate hysterics and raise bloody hell and demand gas, poison bait – whatever it takes. i am also running up against the objections of my friend and duplex neighbor, who works in a vet clinic, has two dogs and three cats (and therefore no rat problem on her side of the wall), and refuses to allow poison bait on the grounds that she has seen dogs die after eating rats who have ingested poison. i, on the other hand, have a 9 month old son learning to crawl, and i’m not thrilled about him being on a floor from which i am continuously cleaning up rat droppings. i have carefully examined our standard apartment association lease, and there is no requirement or provision for regularly scheduled pest control. it appears that i am well and truly fucked, for the moment anyway.

wow, i just realized that i was pretty much holding my breath the entire time that i was hysterically typing that out. now i feel lightheaded. but not better. no, i definitely do not feel better. i feel depressed and tormented. oy. thankfully, i am visiting with my in-laws for the ringing in of the new year and i don’t have to live with the critters for the next 3 days. on the other hand, as my friend kyle points out, the rats are probably enjoying the romantic nights alone to conceive more rat babies! i, on the other hand, am envisioning “moulin rouge” style rat parties with girl rats swinging on trapezes and wearing tiny garter belts, singing elton john songs. or, for some reason i can’t quite fathom, that creatures song, “exterminating angel”.

*bangs head repeatedly against the desk*

ok, on to other news.

i got a new job, as a call center drone, making a little more money than i was and MUCH closer to home. i gave radisson my two weeks notice, and they let me go the same day, so i’ve been off work for the last week. i start january 10th. i’m nervous about leaving the hotel industry, where i have been for the last 4 years, but excited about the prospect of getting to leave my work at work and not being responsible for things that happen in my absence. we’ll see how it plays out. it is wonderful to be making a fresh start, and i am happier than i ever imagined i could be to be out of that evil place and away from the gossipy, backstabbing management team.

everyone have a blessed new year!

Ten years ago… December 9, 2004

Posted by introspectreangel in Boy-o, family, life, marriage, The Princess.
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Ten years ago I…

Had just broken up with The Princess’s biological father

Had just moved back in with my parents

Was paying off bills and preparing to go to college

Worked the counter in an ice cream store

Felt much older than I was

Five years ago I…

Was pregnant with K and had just picked her adoptive parents

Was struggling with the role I played in The Princess’s life

Was living BY MYSELF in my own apartment for the first time ever (not with a roommate or cohabitating with a boyfriend

Waited tables at Outback Steakhouse

Thought I was never going to finish college

Two years ago I…

Was newly married

Had just gotten a dog

Was planning a New Year’s Eve party

Was so deeply angry that I routinely broke things (windows, plates…)

Still enjoyed Sunday nights at The Church

One year ago I…

Was pregnant with Boy-o

Was tired of living in a tiny apartment

Had resolved a lot of the anger from the previous year

Began to wonder if my job had any real advancement potential

Considered whether or not I was called to priesthood in the Episcopal Church

Yesterday I…

Went Christmas shopping

Read an email I wasn’t supposed to (my boss’s fault for leaving it up on his screen)

Had fried chicken for dinner

Played peekaboo 10 different ways with Boy-o

Filled out a new food log for daycare (he’s eating yogurt and cheese now)

Today I…

Got puked on by the baby (he laughed when he was done, the little goober!)

Am bored at work

Have a job interview

Will cook spaghetti for dinner

Am going to fold and put away laundry

Tomorrow I will…

Get paid

Wrap Christmas presents

Go out to dinner

Drink a beer with S

Vacuum the carpet

5 items that I have brand loyalty to…




Southern Comfort


5 things I enjoy…

shopping for cd’s and dvd’s

conversations with good friends

Mexican food

Boy-o’s raspberry sounds (especially when he makes them in church – it is sooooo funny)

A fire in the fireplace, built by my husband simply because I say, “I’m cold”

5 things I cannot live without…






5 things I would buy with $1000

professional clothes

lots of blue jeans…I love blue jeans

baby toys

digital camera

new computer

5 bad habits I have…

reading other people’s email

choosing to eat out rather than cook

cracking my knuckles

asking husband to do things I can damn well do myself

padding my resume

5 things I would never wear…



see through clothing

pink anything

red lipstick

5 shows I like…

Crossing Jordan


Las Vegas

Law and Order: SVU


5 places I have lived…

the European country where I was born

the Midwestern state where my mom grew up

the panhandle of a southwestern state

the great white North

one of the fastest growing two city metropolitan areas in the southwest