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in the grand old tradition of "what’s mine is mine… February 14, 2005

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in the grand old tradition of “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is also mine”, i bought husband a box of chocolates and dug into them before he got home. i also opened the scissor sisters cd i got myself him and had it playing when he walked in the door. everyone should pick it up immediately – i highly recommend it!


we’re gonna make it after all… February 13, 2005

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call me nuts, but i have just committed to a last minute trip to the cold, cold north. more specifically, to the little village of sister bay, wisconsin. it is on the very northern tip of the peninsula part of wisconsin that sticks out into lake michigan. i will be road tripping it with some friends from our former church. we are going to see the installation of one of our former priests and great friends as rector of her own parish. mother barb left our parish a few months ago to move back home to wisconsin, and we miss her terribly. when i first began to explore the idea that i may be called to serve as clergy, she was my spiritual director and lent me many of her favorite books. she’s a wonderful woman, and i am excited that this opportunity to go watch her special day has fallen into my lap. thursday afternoon, the 9 of us will throw our stuff into a rented suburban and embark on our 18 hour trip, planning to return monday morning. but oh my gosh, check out the forecast! there is a distinct possibility i will freeze to death and that will be the last any of you hear from me.

crikey, can you believe i’m giving up my trip to convergence 11 in sunny san diego to do this???!

a kiss on the hand can be quite continental… February 3, 2005

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i’m such a dork. saturday, we’re going to a shadowcasting performance of “moulin rouge” at a con that sounds kinda weird-neat-interesting-fun. it reminds me of back in the day when i was a regular at rocky horror, but with “truth, beauty, freedom, and above all things, love!” i’m definitely gonna take pictures!

gotta give it to husband. i ask him to take me out on a date, and this is what i get. there’s no one better at finding unusual stuff to do that i just might get a kick out of. 🙂

eleanor rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been… February 1, 2005

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“so you don’t believe in infinity?”

“what a funny question. no. infinity is a mathematical parlour trick. it didn’t even exist until recently.”