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February 17, 2008

Posted by introspectreangel in blogging, life.

Haven’t been in the back of a police car in a long time, but yesterday both kids and I were in this one, hanging out and waiting for the wrecker to come get our car. We hydroplaned and did several 360’s across all lanes of traffic on northbound 121. Miraculously no one was hurt, and we didn’t hit anyone or anything, just wound up wedged into an embankment.  Insurance is talking like they’re going to total the car, which comes with a whole new set of problems, but I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it on Monday morning.

Haven’t had much of anything to say for awhile.  I’d like to start blogging again, but only when I have something to write that is not a pathetic laundry list of mishaps.  I was almost there… and then this.



1. episcopalifem - February 18, 2008

CRAP…Glad you are ok!


2. Mary Beth - February 18, 2008


Man I ate this so much for you!

Love you bunches, sending hugs…hang in there and give me a holler if you want to talk.


3. Mary Beth - February 18, 2008

HATE it, I Hate it!


4. terri c - February 18, 2008

Oh, CRAP. I’m so sorry. I hate car insurance junk. Thinking of you…

5. ymp - February 25, 2008

Life is unfair.
and Crap, I’m sorry.
I am glad you and the boy and okay.

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