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I’m 32 years old. I grew up in Ohio and Texas, and I have recently returned home to the suburbs of Fort Worth following an excruciatingly painful divorce. I got a lovely parting gift, though – my 4 year old son (Boy-o) with an infectious laugh who sometimes thinks he’s a monkey, and sometimes thinks he’s a dog. The only way I really know is if he asks me for a banana while scratching his armpit, or for a bone while he hangs his tongue out and pants. I am simply in awe of him and I worship the ground he walks on – MOST of the time! I am also the biological mother of a 15 year old daughter who has been raised by my parents.  I call her “The Princess” or alternately, “Little Miss Issues”.  She is the product of my first serious relationship as a teenager. She is frighteningly intelligent and full of snark. She never liked my ex-husband. I should have paid more attention!

I love everything 80’s, chocolate ice cream, all kinds of movies, good cocktails, good friends, and a good nap. I’m also a beautiful mess of contradictions: I’m fascinated with the Rule of Benedict and Benedictine spirituality and feel drawn to contemplative prayer, but am rebellious by nature and deeply uncomfortable with silence. I was in spiritual direction, trying to discern who and what God is calling me to be, but I’m not real good at this listening stuff. For a long time, I thought my call was to priesthood in The Episcopal Church (TEC), but lately, I’ve come to the somewhat obvious (to everyone ELSE) realization that ordained ministry is not somehow miraculously free of the political/organizational/corporate bullshit that I have hated so much in all of my other jobs, and that perhaps I have been looking in this direction with the misguided idea that engaging in a highly VISIBLE ministry as an ordained clergywoman would make up for how INVISIBLE I felt in my marriage. Yeah. Wrong, wrong wrong.

Why a blog? Well, I could say something like, “it’s a space where I’ll be exploring how to live with questions”, but I think the real answer is that I used to write song lyrics and quotes and poetry and stuff I was thinking all over the walls of my college apartments with a black Sharpie, and this is infinitely less destructive…and hey, I don’t have to worry about WordPress refusing to give me my deposit back!



1. Aroob - August 13, 2007

I’m sorry… I just happened to come across your blog and I read your last post.

I’m sorry to hear about you and your husband. I went through the same thing with my fiance.. well.. ex-fiance now. So I have a pretty good idea how rough it is on you.

Just had to tell you to “hang in there”… Seems to me like you are still upset even though he cheated on you. It’s because you’re in love and perhaps the people in your life won’t understand that…

My relationship ended in January.. I’m not 100% over him yet. but I’m well over 50% not thinking about him anymore… Just hang in there. You’ll feel so much better later. I promise.

*big hug*


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